Recycling: benefits for all

A conference at which representatives of all six major sectors of Greek industry declared their willingness to recycle used materials and discussed the procedures and organization involved.
S. Manos,Minister for the Environment
I. Grispos,member of the Board of the Citizens’ Movement
T. Papalexopoulos,member of the Board of the Citizens’ Movement
D. Economou,chemical engineer, President of the Greek Aluminum Association
P. Tsaousoglou,chemical engineer, President of the Glass Federation
P. Yiannoulopoulos,economist, President of the Greek Plastic Recycling Association
C. Verelis,economist, Deputy General Manager of Petzetakis S.A.
I. Pitsakis,businessman (Ydrometallourgiki S.A.)
A. Koliopoulos,President of the Association of Greek Paper Manufacturers