Our presence-our funding

Our vision
Empowering the civil society of Greece: generating real public involvement in the life of the community and society by modernizing outdated institutions and attitudes.

Through its activities the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society identifies the factors common to all important issues. It stimulates debate on what is in the best interests of the country as a whole. It promotes good practices and the empowerment of the ordinary citizen. Where there is debate on important issues, it contributes realistic and effective proposals – sufficiently realistic to be acceptable to all interested parties and the public in general; effective in the sense that instead of perpetuating problems they offer serious, responsible and coherent solutions.

Our mission
• To play a dynamic role in civil society.
• To seek convergence of views and common ground on
which to frame realistic and effective proposals for solving
the country’s most serious problems.
• Sustained, active engagement in specific areas –
contributing to the community and working with similar
organizations to attain shared objectives.

Our values
Our values reflect the importance to every healthy democracy of active involvement on the part of citizens. They are absolutely in step with the principles set out in the INGO Accountability Charter, which was translated into Greek and signed in 2008 by seventeen Greek NGOs, at the initiative of the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society.
• Transparency in all areas.
• Respect for the differing views, ideas and opinions of other members, as a vehicle for the generation of innovative proposals and contributions.
• Active involvement wherever the opportunity arises.
• Maintaining a consistent presence within civil society
• Retaining the long-term confidence of members.
• Earning the confidence and support of our fellow citizens.
• Sustained commitment to cooperation and networking with other NGOs.

Our members
Since its earliest days, the Citizens’ Movement has sought to build on a nucleus of members of differing professional background, ideological orientation and political allegiance.

The founding members shared the view that only through bringing together different perceptions and beliefs could innovative ideas and widely accepted proposals be generated.

The long-term involvement of all members is a guarantee of consistency and an indication of the organization’s strength.

Anyone wishing to join the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society may send a written application to the organization’s offices or complete an electronic application form at our website. All applications are submitted for approval at the next meeting of the Board.

Our funding
The Citizens’ Movement is funded mainly from the annual subscriptions and contributions of members and sponsors. The Movement accepts gifts from private individuals, on condition that their details and the amount donated are
entered in the minutes of the organization’s meetings, to ensure complete transparency.

We are happy to accept sponsorships by businesses in the form of financial support or practical assistance in organizing events. We are committed to making public the details of all sponsorships and donations.

In order to preserve its complete independence, the Movement cannot accept any donations from official government agencies or political parties.

Our donations for 2013 are: