Models of Excellence 2001-2013

The Models of Excellence awards were introduced in 2001 and since then every other year awards have been bestowed on organizations making a distingusished contribution to society o to the environment. Every year, more and more organzations send in applications. The idea is to provide a showcase for groups and associations offering a positive social role model through their work in the community, providing examples to be emulated in the creation of new initiatives in community work.

The winners are chosen each year by a panel of judges made up of prominent figures in social, academic, cultural and political life. The prizes are traditionally awarded by the President of the Republic.
The competition is gradually becoming known all around the country, evolving into a popular and successful institution which has been embraced by the community. And in just a few years it has helped to raise our awareness of the many areas where voluntary organizations are quietly and effectivelly doing truly remarkable work.

It is an honour to meet these people who make a distinguished contribution to society and a priviledge to be able to highlight their work that improves the quality of life of the less fortunate, strengthens the bond of community and enriches the character of all those ordianary people who give up their own time and contribute their own talents purely and simply to held others