As the structure of this report indicates, the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society is actively engaged in a range of areas of public concern. Special emphasis is laid each year on issues of current importance, but at the same time we seek to maintain a consistent engagement in all areas where we have become involved. The Movement’s main areas of interest are as follows:

1. Civil society: contributing to the general welfare of society.

2. The Environment: protection and sustainable growth.

3. Democratic governance and institutions: the smooth running of the democratic system.

4. Justice and human rights: improving the administration of justice, recognition of and respect for the human rights of all persons living and working in Greece.

5. Higher education: reform of institutions and organization of the universities which produce the young people who will shape the future of our country.

6. European and international relations: promoting Greece’s relationship with European partners and other states, with the focus on the key issues in national foreign policy.

7. Voluntary action: since 2001 one of the most important of the Movement’s initiatives has been the organization of the national competition ‘Models of Excellence’, which is intended to encourage voluntary work by showcasing examples worthy of imitation.

8. NGO Accountability Charter: Annualy certification as comliant with the principles of the Charter

Ever since it was launched, the Citizens’ Movement has been distributing to its members and friends a quarterly newsletter, giving information on its activities and providing a forum for exchange of views among friends and members. In the sections which follow we offer a full account of our work in all the above areas over the last twenty-five years.