Raising the bar for Civil Society

Raising the bar for Civil Society

Ever since its conception and foundation, the Citizens’ Movement has encouraged civil society to take an active part in causes of common interest, particularly in the upgrading of institutions and attitudes.

With its unfailing presence in that area, the “Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society” – as it was later to be called – consistently strove to achieve meeting of the minds and convergence of views, for the sake of promoting realistic and helpful proposals on matters of importance to the country and to society at large.

In the current national and world crisis, civil society’s role is more important than ever. No longer can small groups of citizens alone help out, they need the keen interest, contribution and active support of all citizens so that collective action can then become effective.

These are the thoughts we had in mind when we decided to produce and send you herewith our quarter-century Album, with the full range of our activities. We sincerely believe that the more sensitive issues that we have dealt with in the past, will still be critical for years to come and require further convergence of views, if we are to successfully overcome the current crisis.

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