Transparency and Accountability

Our funding

The Citizens’ Movement is funded mainly from annual subscriptions and contributions of members and sponsors.

The Movement accepts gifts from private individuals, on condition that their details and the amount donated are entered in the minutes of the organization’s meetings, to ensure complete transparency.

We are happy to accept sponsorships by businesses in the form of financial support or practical assistance in organizing events. We are committed to making public the datails of all sponsorships and donations.

In order to preserve its complete independence, the Movement cannot accept any donations from official government agencies or political parties.

Our donors: 

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International Non- Governmental Organizations Accountability Charter

In 2006 eleven major international NGOs publicly put their names to a vital commitment, under the title “International Non- Governmental Organizations Accountability Charter”

Whithin just two years, at the prompting of the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society, the text of this commitment had been translated into greek and lodged with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a “Charter Pledging the Social Responsibility and Accountability of Non- Governmental Organizations’

At an official public ceremony held on April 2008, seventeen Greek NGOs signed up to this Charter and committed themselves to abiding by its terms. The presence of the former President of the Hellenic Republic, Kostis Sterfanopoulos, and the remarks addressed to the gathering by Mr. J. Figel, European Commissioner, the European Ombudsman N. Diamandouros, N. Ebeoglou, President of Alba (Athens Laboratory of Business Administration), P. Eigen, founder of “Transparency International” and the President of the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society, T. Papalexopoulos, lent a special weight to this symbolic occasion and indicated the gravity of the commitments being undertaken bu these Greek NGOs to promote their greater acountability and transparency as key agents in civil society.

The NGO Accountability Charter does not affect the programmes and activities being run by each organization, but supplies a framework of best practices and contemporary operating methods.

Respecting this framework will ensure that Greek NGOs enjoy the trust of the ordinary citizen, who will be encouraged to appreciate thei work and come forward to make his or her own contribution.

The basic principles to be borne in mind by all NGOs in planning and implementing their activities are as follows:

  • Respect for universal values and principles
  • Adoption of contemporary systems of management and governence
  • Scrutiny bu independent, outside auditors
  • Full transparency
  • Accountability to members and third parties

The following Greek NGOs – in addition to the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society- signed up to the Charter:

  • Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIOECSDE)
  • WWF- Hellas
  • MOM/Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Mediterrenean Monk Seal
  • ARCHELON-The Sea Turtle Society of Greece
  • Transparency International Greece
  • Citizens’ Union Paremvassi
  • Evropaiki Ekfrassi
  • The Children’s Fome Foundation (Paidiki Stegi)
  • Centre for Persons with Special Needs (Hara)
  • Aegean Team
  • Arktouros Environmental Centre
  • PNOE -Friends of Children inn Intensive Care
  • Parents’ Association of Children with cancer – FLOGA
  •  Kostakis Mesogitis Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, Body Organ Donors & Health Care
  • Friends of the “Theotokos Foundation”

The Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society is one of the first NGOs anywhere in the world to be formally certified as compliant with the principles of the Accountability Charter