Our identity

The Citizen’s Movement is a non-profit association established in 1989.  Then, a group of people came together in an important new venture: the launching of the Citizens’ Movement.

The first members were not a homogenous group: they came from different professional backgrounds and there were differences of which they were all aware, in their ideological orientation and political allegiance.

From those beginnings to the present day the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society has rested on the same principle of inter-ideological approach. The Movement welcomes new members from all parts of Greece and asks them to make their own contribution to tackling the huge social and institutional problems of our country.

Empowering the civil society of Greece: generating real public involvement in the life of the community and society by modernizing outdated institutions and attitudes.
Through its activities the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society identifies the factors common to all important issues. It stimulates debate on what is in the best interests of the country as a whole. It promotes good practices and the empowerment of the ordinary citizen. Where there is debate on important issues, it contributes realistic and effective proposals- sufficiently realistic to be acceptable to all interested parties and the public in general; effective in a sense that instead of perpetuating problems they offer serious, responsible and coherent solutions.


  • To play a dynamic role in civil society
  • To seek convergence of views and common ground on which to frame realistic and effective proposals for solving the country’s most serious problems
  • Sustained, active engagement in specific areas- contributing to the community and working with similar organizations to attain shared objectives

Our values reflect the importance to every healthy democracy of active involvement on the part of citizens:

  • Transparency in all areas
  • Respect for the differing views, ideas and opinions of other members, as a vehicle for the generation of innovative proposals and contributions
  • Active involvement wherever the opportunity arises
  • Maintaining  a consistent presence within civil society
  • Retaining the long-term confidence of members
  • Earning the confidence and support of our fellow citizens
  • Sustained commitment to cooperation and networking with other NGOs

The Movement’s main areas of interest are as folllows:
Civil Society: contributing to the general welfare of society
The Environment: protection and sustainable growth
Democratic governance and Public Administration: the smooth running of the democratic system
Justice and human rights: improving the administration of justice, recognition of and respect for the human rights of all persons living and working in Greece
Higher Education: reform of institutions and organization of the universities which produce the young people who shape the future of our country
European and intenational relations: promoting Greece’s relationship with European partners and other states, with the focus on the key issues in national foreign policy