Our history

25 years ago a group of people came together in an important new venture: the launching of the Citizens’ Movement. The first members were not a homogenous group: they came from different professional backgrounds and there were differences of which they were allaware, in their ideological orientation and political allegiance. But they did share one vital conviction: that despite the many differences of opinion which divided them, they were far more- and more important-areas in which they were united. They shared a number of aspirations for general good of the country and for Greece’s objectives as a nation. One of their first decisions was to set up eleven groups in as many cities around the country, where people of different ideological backgrounds could meet, talk and establish whether their belief in a basic common ground could be confirmed. The answer: A resounding yes! From those begginings to the present day the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society has rested on the same principle of an inter-ideological approach. The Movement welcomes new members from all parts of Greece and asks them to make their own contribution to tackling the huge social and institutional problems of our country.